Tinnitus & Energy healing

Continuously hearing a low or high-pitched tone, buzzing, or even pulsating sounds can significantly impact your life. Because it is never silent, it is difficult to find peace, leading to further imbalance. Through energetic treatments, your self-healing ability can be enhanced, allowing you to feel better and prevent tinnitus from dominating your life. In some cases, tinnitus has even subsided thanks to energetic therapy.

My search for the right therapy for tinnitus

My tinnitus started when I went camping for the first time without my parents and visited the campsite disco. I had to endure an extremely loud ringing all night. After that, it occurred more frequently, despite using earplugs. At one point, I even heard it when I hadn’t been out at all. I had tried various therapies without any improvement. It wasn’t until I started energetic therapy and reduced my exposure to electromagnetic radiation that I saw a change. Like many others with tinnitus, there is a connection to electromagnetic hypersensitivity without you realizing it. Now, I am free from tinnitus and enjoy the silence, which I hope to share with you as well.

Treating tinnitus with healing

Through a reading, where an energy healer reads your energy, the healer will try to determine the root cause of the tinnitus and what is needed to restore balance. Based on the reading, the healer will provide you with tips to work on independently. Treating tinnitus requires multiple chakra healings. It varies per individual whether other blockages need to be addressed first before reaching the core issue.

Costs of the treatment of tinnitus


Initial consultation including a chakra reading and balancing. This first session, based on the reading of your chakras, also includes personalized advice on self-care. One hour at €80.

Chakra healing: Cleansing and strengthening your aura field, clearing blockages in energy pathways (meridians), and recharging your chakras. 60 minutes at €70.

10ml massage roller with essential oils to massage behind your ears every evening. Includes Do Terra’s frankincense and helichrysum oils for €22.

If you have supplementary Dutch insurance, the energetic treatments may be reimbursed. The essential oil is not covered by health insurance.

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