Reiki inwijdingen kun je in Arnhem, Zutphen en Deventer krijgen bij Mir Balans

Reiki is a beautiful healing method from Japan that is easy to apply on your own. By using hands-on healing, you allow universal energy to flow. It can be used to treat yourself or to support others in their healing process. The Reiki energy helps bring your physical, emotional, and mental aspects into balance. Reiki assists you in releasing blockages, increasing your energy levels, and promoting deep relaxation.

Learning reiki

Reiki is very easy to learn. With a Reiki course, you also receive an initiation. The initiations are a powerful way to heal yourself and others and connect with universal life energy. As a certified Reiki Master, I offer profound Reiki initiations that can help you raise your awareness and restore your inner balance. The investment for a 1.5-day Reiki initiation and course is 150 euros. If you prefer a 1-on-1 initiation and course, the investment is 200 euros. I provide Reiki initiations in Arnhem, Den Haag, and sometimes even at your own home. Send a message to if you are interested in a reiki course in English.

What are the requirements to receive a reiki initiation?

Before being initiated into Reiki by me, it is nice if you have received a Reiki treatment. This way, you already get acquainted with the Reiki energy. Also if it has been a long time since you received a Reiki treatment, I advise you to first make an appointment for a Reiki treatment.

On the day of the initiation and the following days, it is better not to consume alcohol or drugs. If you are addicted to alcohol or drugs, unfortunately, you cannot receive a Reiki initiation. However, you can still receive a Reiki treatment!

Reiki 1, 2 en 3

At Mir Balans, we offer different levels of initiations, from Reiki I to Reiki Master. Reiki 1 is mainly focused on self-treatment and treating your close family and friends. With Reiki 2, you also learn to apply symbols to further strengthen the energy. An initiation into Reiki 3 can be received when you are ready to initiate others into Reiki as well. During the initiations, I will guide you step by step and ensure that you acquire the right knowledge and skills to practice Reiki in a pleasant and safe manner.

Are you ready for a deeper transformation? Or do you want to discover the healing power of energy through your hands? Then make an appointment for an initiation! I look forward to guiding you on your Reiki journey.

Practicing reiki 


After the Reiki course, it is often nice to practice with others more frequently. Mir Balans organizes days in Arnhem and Den Haag where we treat each other and provide further guidance to help you make the Reiki energy even more your own and progress further in your healing process.

Reiki kun je ook aan kinderen geven. Na een reiki inwijding kun je kinderen heel makkelijk reiki geven.

Energetic cleaning of your home with reiki


With the Reiki course, you also learn how to energetically cleanse your home. In Reiki II, you learn symbols that you can use not only for yourself and others but also for energetically cleansing spaces, food, and drinks.

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