High sensitivity & healings

Are you sensitive to stimuli? Do you feel overwhelmed in crowded places or get headaches from strong scents? Are you quick to pick up on the atmosphere in a room? Do you experience allergic reactions? Then you are likely highly sensitive. An HSP (highly sensitive person) can pick up on subtle signals much better than others, allowing you to sense situations more accurately, but also making you more prone to overstimulation. An HSP approaches everything with dedication and passion, is caring towards others, observant, and creative. These are beautiful qualities that you can learn to embrace through energetic therapy.

As HSP you feel a lot

Energy of others is experienced much more intensely by an High Sensitive Person (HSP). When the atmosphere in the workplace deteriorates or becomes stressful, it is the highly sensitive individuals who notice it first. Or when there is a gas leak, an HSP will smell it first. According to HSP expert Elaine Aron, you see this in animals as well. When there are a few highly sensitive animals in a group, they notice dangers, such as predators, earlier. In a way, they serve as a signal for the group as a whole. What you often notice is that highly sensitive individuals feel so responsible for others that they push their own needs aside. When you realize that you are highly sensitive, you also understand better why you react in a certain way to different situations, people, and emotions. Learning to manage your high sensitivity can allow you to positively harness it.

Healings help to deal with your sensitivity

High sensitivity is a trait you are born with and not an illness. Healing cannot ‘cure’ you of high sensitivity, but it can help you experience less discomfort from incoming stimuli. Often, you carry the energy of others with you. A healer removes others’ energy from your aura field and teaches you how to filter stimuli. Due to your highly developed empathy, you may be afraid of hurting others and struggle with setting boundaries. A holistic therapist teaches you how to claim your own space without feeling guilty. It is also wise for an HSP to take more rest, seek out nature, and limit overstimulation. When you learn to filter stimuli, you can also deeply enjoy the beautiful stimuli you choose to let in. Mir Balans combines healing with holistic advise. Contact us for an appointment (online or at the practice)

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