Reiki, aura healing, chakra healing zorgen dat je weer gaat stralen zijn energetische behandelingen bij een energetisch therapeut


With healings, an energy healer can release blockages in your energy system so that you will feel physically, mentally, and emotionally well again. We will discuss which treatment best suits you beforehand. During the treatment, you will lie fully clothed on a massage table. Energetic therapy can also be done remotely, in which case we will agree on a time for you to lie down at home and send me a photo of yourself so that I can make energetic contact.

Aura healing

Aura healing is indeed a wonderful option for those who struggle with setting boundaries, are sensitive to stimuli, or feel like they have a protective barrier around them. Every person has an aura, which is an energetic field surrounding them. We are often not consciously aware of it, but we can still feel its effects. Energetic therapy can help strengthen your aura, which is especially beneficial for those who are highly sensitive. In addition to aura healing, I can provide you with tips on how to shield yourself from overwhelming stimuli.

Chakra healing

Chakra healing is a powerful way to address imbalances in both your physical and mental well-being by focusing on the energy centers in your body known as chakras. These chakras play a vital role in absorbing and releasing energy, and when they are out of balance, it can manifest as physical or psychological issues. During a chakra healing session, an energy therapist will assess which chakras are imbalanced and work to realign and recharge them. I often combine chakra healing with aura healing and may also incorporate the meridians, the energy pathways in your body, as needed. If you are interested in exploring the benefits of chakra healing, feel free to reach out for more information or to schedule a session.

Reiki treatment

Reiki is a wonderful healing modality that involves the laying on of hands to channel energy to the root of health issues, anxieties, or mental discomfort. A Reiki therapist can help facilitate the flow of energy to where it is needed most in the body. For those experiencing mental health challenges, a standard Reiki treatment can be enhanced with a mental healing component.

Reiki is not only beneficial when received from a therapist but can also be a beautiful practice to share with yourself and loved ones. By receiving a Reiki initiation and taking a course, you can learn how to harness and share this healing energy.

Sound healing

The practice works with two forms of sound healing. One form is a sound massage, a relaxing sound therapy with singing bowls. Learn more about sound massage here.

The other form of sound healing is actually a chakra healing that goes even deeper than when I only use my hands. I then use my voice. These sounds are combined with movements and are called light language in energetic therapy. It is the most transformative form of healing that Mir Balans works with.

Dance in balance

As you dance, you are guided by the energy of the various chakras. You feel how each chakra has a different energy flow. When you struggle to let yourself go with certain music, there is often a challenge to break through blockages and release negative energy. We build it up slowly with gentle movements. Eventually, all inhibitions may be released. Do not be afraid that you cannot dance, that is not the point. Everyone has their own pace and rhythm, and it is wonderful to discover that for yourself during this dance journey.

Energetic cleaning of your home

It is important to address any disturbances in the energy balance that may be causing issues such as poor sleep, frequent headaches, fatigue, or tension in the household. If you often feel disorganized or experience conflicts, an energetic house cleansing could be the solution. Your home should be a place of rest, recharge, and relaxation, so bringing balance to the space is essential.

With an energetic cleansing of a house, I can also provide personalized advice on color usage, layout, and energy flow. Therefore, I recommend combining an energetic house cleansing with a chakra healing for the residents. This way, the advice provided will be better tailored to the occupants’ needs.

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