Practice for healing: Mir Balans

Energetic work goes beyond just therapy. It’s about finding your balance again. That is why I named my practice Mir Balans. Balans means balance in Dutch. And Mir is referring to my first name Mirjam, but it also is pronounced the same as ‘more’. So it actually means more balance. As a healer, I not only provide treatments, but also encourage you to ensure that energy keeps flowing smoothly. In this society, we are often further removed from our intuition and feelings. With the healings, workshops, and retreats of Mir Balans, we aim to teach people to listen to their feelings and intuition. It is time to discover your true self, that beautiful inner strength we all have, but often lose along the way. Feeling what is right for you. Letting go of anything that holds you back, following your own path, and enjoying life to the fullest. We like to support you on this healing journey.

Energy healer and holistic therapist 

I am Mirjam, born and raised in Arnhem, while dancing, acting, and writing. Later, I lived in The Hague for many years and learned to surf in Scheveningen. Surfing teaches you the importance of moving with energy. Persevering through trial and error. Seeking balance. Listening to everything around you and to your body. Is the fear of a wave that holds you back justified? It’s the same with our energy. Sometimes we no longer feel what is right for us. I used to struggle with my clairsentience, it was always a challenge for me. Now, I see that it is actually my strength. As a healer and energetic child therapist, I have learned to help not only myself, but also others find their balance.

The practice Mir Balans was born!

After years of struggling with my selfesteem, which caused a huge imbalance leading to physical and mental issues, I now know that I am good just the way I am. This gives me the strenght to use my healing gift and run my practice. And if we all become aware that we are good, just the way we are and act from a loving connection, the world becomes so beautiful. Thanks to Reiki at De Oorsprong in The Hague, aura healing at the CLI in Utrecht, and with Annette Weers in Leiden, I was able to take the first steps in energetic work. Subsequently, I was able to further develop as an energetic therapist at the CAM Institute in Utrecht. I enjoy supporting people in their process of awareness. We all have beliefs that make us sick and cause us to lose connection with the rest of the world. But we can change this, together! I am here to support you in your healing process to live in balance with yourself and the rest of the world. Curious about what I can do for you? Feel free to contact me. Love, Mirjam

Vinyasa yoga teacher at retreat ‘Moving into Balance’


During the retreats, the whole team goes above and beyond to provide you with an unforgettable experience. Claudia Pereira from Ticket2Surf leads the yoga classes. In her spiritual and loving way, she ensures that the vinyasa yoga classes are enjoyable and accessible for everyone. Claudia has the gift of making you feel right at home and welcome, as if you are arriving in a warm bath. Together with her husband Brian, she passionately takes care of providing a delicious breakfast and dinner. We are truly pampered.

Surflessons with the retreat ‘Moving into Balance’

During the retreat, you will receive surf lessons from Brian, who is truly a fantastic surf instructor. His ability to see your strength and guide you in overcoming challenges, both physically and mentally, is admirable. Brian originally hails from Scheveningen, but followed his heart to Portugal for the love of his live (Claudia) and the waves. Alongside Claudia, he runs the surfhouse and ensures that everything is taken care of down to the last detail. His talent for cooking comes together withs Claudia’s when they prepare delicious vegetarian meals during the retreats in Portugal.

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