Electrohypersensitivity & energetic therapy

Symptoms that people experience due to electromagnetic radiation vary from person to person. Often, they overlap with symptoms associated with stress, making it challenging to establish a direct link to radiation. The easiest way to determine the impact is to spend time in a low-radiation environment and minimize the use of your mobile phone there.

How can you treat electrostress?

How can you treat electrostress? The best approach is to stay as far away from the radiation source as possible to reduce symptoms. With the increasing number of cell towers and WiFi points, this is becoming more difficult. The Foundation for Electrohypersensitivity’s website provides more information on how to reduce radiation exposure. Additionally, holistic healing methods can help you become less affected by radiation. Mir Balans specializes in energetically treating individuals with electromagnetic hypersensitivity and high sensitivity.


Electrohypersensitivity and energy

It is important for humans, animals, and nature that energy can flow. Therefore, it is crucial not to shut yourself off from all radiation because besides electromagnetic radiation, there is also beneficial radiation. You need the radiation from the natural environment, cosmos, and earth as a human and animal. Our aura acts as a filter that blocks unhealthy energy while allowing healthy radiation to pass through. Just as the ozone layer protects the earth from the sun’s harmful UV rays but allows the beneficial energy from the sun to pass, you want your aura to shield you from unhealthy radiation while permitting the good radiation. Based on what I have observed and experienced, I suspect that your aura becomes more vulnerable as it is exposed to electromagnetic radiation. Our auric layers become thinner, and even holes can form. To prevent this, it is important that electromagnetic radiation does not overpower natural radiation.

Treating electrohypersensitivity with healing


With energetic therapy, your aura is strengthened to better protect you from negative radiation, such as electromagnetic radiation. An energy therapist can restore your auric layers through aura healings. Additionally, you will receive tips on how to maintain your energy balance. Besides fortifying the aura, it is crucial for individuals with electrostress that their chakras are well-balanced and that a chakra does not act as a sponge absorbing everything. If you are sensitive to radiation, aura healings combined with a few chakra healings are most effective. This does not mean you will be symptom-free, but you will likely see a significant improvement in your health. If you desire, I can also provide practical advice on useful adjustments in your home to reduce radiation.

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